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Principal Investigator

Antonia Lorenzo

Postal Address

Málaga, Spain



Short bio

BIOAZUL SL is a highly innovative engineering SME founded in 2003 by multidisciplinary professionals bringing experience from research to market. Our team is committed to innovation in the water industry and sustainable development, along with a clear strategy based on R&D&i. BIOAZUL is focused on process engineering, wastewater treatment, water reuse concepts, as well as energy efficiency. We have a wide experience in providing integrated solutions to our clients, designing, constructing and commissioning tailor-made complete treatment systems for urban and industrial applications, designing control modules and control philosophy.

Connection with FIT4REUSE

BIOAZUL will lead WP6 Use of non-conventional water resources. In addition, BIOAZUL will also participate in WP8 Exploitation activities and multi-stakeholder platforms for policy and market analysis and public acceptance, WP7 Holistic assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impacts of unconventional water resources treatment and application and WP9 on Communication and Dissemination.