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Principal Investigator

Rémi Declercq

Postal Address

Clapiers, France



Short bio

ECOFILAE is an independent and innovative consulting and training company specialized in the circular economy and has been developing services and web solutions for water reuse. Ecofilae is involved in numerous projects internationally, dealing with different types of unconventional waters: domestic treated wastewater, food industry’s generated organic water or salty oil produced water. The different services provided by Ecofilae include (1) diagnoses, (2) Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA), (3) Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), (4) R&D experiments (lab and field experiments, often in living labs), and (5) Training sessions. To enable tomorrow’s water reuse technology hubs, Ecofilae is developing a collaborative and decision-making web platform (HotspotReuse®), which won an award from the then Minister of Economy Emmanuel Macron for innovations at the CleanTech competition of COP21 in Paris and selected as GreenTech verte’s company by the French Ministry of Ecology.

Connection with FIT4REUSE

Ecofilae will lead WP7 Holistic assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impacts of unconventional water resources treatment and application. In addition, Ecofilae will also participate in WP6 Use of non-conventional water resources .