Principal Investigator

Maria Chiara Sole

Postal Address

Rome, Italy



Short bio

The Italian Institute for Environmental Protection and Research has been established by Decree 112 of 25/6/2008, converted into Law 133 on 21/8/2008. ISPRA acts under the vigilance and policy guidance of the Italian Ministry for the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea. ISPRA is in charge of a new networking system called SNPA (National System for Environmental Protection), covering all the environmental issues and giving technical scientific support to national/regional/local authorities. In 2008 the Regional Activity Centre for Information and Communication (INFO-RAC) was entrusted to ISPRA with the aim to set up a common information management infrastructure to facilitate and support information and communication activities in the MAPs.

Connection with FIT4REUSE

ISPRA will lead WP8 Exploitation activities and multi-stakeholder platforms for policy and market analysis and public acceptance. In addition, ISPRA will also participate in WP7 Holistic assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impacts of unconventional water resources treatment and application and WP9 Communication and dissemination .