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Principal Investigator

Özlem Karahan Özgün

Postal Address

Istanbul, Turkey



Short bio

İTÜNOVA Teknoloji A.Ş., was established in February 2013 and started to operate as İTÜNOVA Technology Transfer Office (ITTOVO TTO ) as of 2014. ITUNOVA TTO provides services to fulfill the duty of professionally performing university-industry cooperation, presents academic studies and new technologies developed in Istanbul Technical University to meet the needs of industry and to provide added value toward the national development of our country. ITUNOVA TTO, with its 52% ITU, 47% ITU Foundation and 1% ITU ARI Teknokent partnership structure and 25 person team works to “bring information to industry and commercialize it” against a backdrop of ITU’s 244 years of ‘national science and technology source’.
In 2018, ITUNOVA carried out 169 university-industry cooperation projects with a total budget of 37.120.237,29 TL. As of the end of 2018, ITUNOVA has organized 394 training events and 145 other events (seminars, information days etc). Since January 2014, ITUNOVA TTO, working with 520 academics, has signed 546 university-industry cooperation projects with a total budget of 160.000.000,00 TL. Support has been 69 provided to academia and industry for a total of 248 projects, 152 of which are national and 96 international. A total of 198 patent applications were made for the inventions of ITU academics and entrepreneurs, 128 of which are national and 70 are international. In 2016, an ITU academic’s software was licensed to a company abroad.
ITUNOVA and ITU ARI Teknokent supported a number of projects on the road from idea to production by allocating a budget of 40.000.000 TL to ITU SEED and ITU INNOGATE entrepreneurship programs.

Connection with FIT4REUSE

Itunova will lead WP5 Integration and modelling of treatment solutions. In addition, Itunova will also participate in WP2 Nature-based solutions for municipal wastewater treatment and WP3 Intensive solutions for municipal wastewater treatment.