Principal Investigator

Attilio Toscano

Postal Address

Bologna, Italy



Short bio

Alma Mater Studiorum – Università di Bologna (UNIBO) was founded in 1088 and is considered to be the oldest university in the western world. Its 33 Departments and 11 Schools, over 5 campuses, cover all academic disciplines. Currently the University has about 85,000 students attending to its more than 200 bachelor and master courses (59 of them international degree programmes), as well as about 1,500 PhD candidates enrolled in its 43 PhD programmes and a permanent staff of 6,000 (including teaching, research and service staff).

The University of Bologna is strongly committed to research and innovation and it is one of the most active Italian universities in European and international R&I projects, with more than 400 EU funded projects (FP7&H2020). In Horizon 2020, UNIBO is so far involved in 162 funded projects (39 as coordinator) with more than 57M€. At EU level, the UNIBO is part of the Scientific Advisory boards of both the HDHL JPI and FACCE JPI, member of the focus group Water & Agriculture of the EIP AGRI, of the action group WIRE of the EIP WATER, ETP Ocean and Biofuels and RTO member of the BIC Consortium supporting the JTI Biobased Industry.

Connection with FIT4REUSE

UNIBO will be the project coordinator and it will lead WP1 Project management and coordination. In addition, UNIBO will also participate in WP2 Nature-based solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, WP3 Intensive solutions for municipal wastewater treatment, WP5 Integration and modelling of treatment solutions, WP6 Use of non-conventional water resources, WP7 Holistic assessment of the environmental, economic, and social impacts of unconventional water resources treatment and application, WP8 Exploitation activities and multi-stakeholder platforms for policy and market analysis and public acceptance and WP9 Communication and dissemination.