Principal Investigator

Francesco Fatone

Postal Address

Ancona, Italy



Short bio

The Università Politecnica delle Marche (UNIVPM) has a clear scientific and technological focus. UNIVPM is very active and performant in the European R&D&I: so far 36 Horizon2020 projects awarded for more than 12.6 million funding, corresponding to very high rate between H2020 funding and academic staff.
Sustainable urban water services and advanced wastewater treatment, valorisation and reuse is a core expertise of the Group of Chemical-Environmental and Sanitary Engineering at the Dept. of Material, Environmental and City Planning Science and Engineering (SIMAU).

Connection with FIT4REUSE

UNIVPM will lead WP3 Intensive solutions for wastewater treatment. In addition, UNIVPM will also participate in WP4 Water desalination, WP5 Integration and modelling of treatment solutions and WP6 Use of non-conventional water resources.